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In accordance with Article 10 of the Corporate Governance Principles, Shan-Loong Transportation ""shall place high importance on the shareholder right to know, and shall faithfully comply with applicable regulations regarding information disclosure in order to provide shareholders with regular and timely information on company financial conditions and operations, insider shareholdings, and corporate governance status through the MOPS or the website established by the company.""

Shan-Loong Transportation has also established the Management Regulations Against Insider Trading, which specify the Company's directors, managers, and authorized personnel.

In any of the following circumstances, the Company shall investigate personnel liability and take appropriate legal measures:

1. Company personnel, of their own accord, disclose internal material information, or violate these Regulations or legal regulations.

2. The content of a Company spokesperson's or representative's external statement exceeds their Company-granted authority, or violates these Regulations or legal regulations.

3. When a person outside the Company exposes the Company's material internal information, such that it leads to damages to Company property or rights, the Company shall use relevant channels to investigate the person's legal liability.

With other persons who receive access to the Company's material internal information as a result of their identity, position, or control relationship, the Company shall promote their compliance with stipulations related to these regulations. The Company's directors, managers, and employees shall exercise the proper precautions and duties. This Corporation's directors, managerial officers, and employees shall exercise the due care and fiduciary duty of a good administrator and act in good faith when performing their duties, and shall sign confidentiality agreements. In addition, the above personnel shall not disclose to others the material information they are made privy to, and shall also not inquire into or collect material information that is not related to their positions.

For regulations related to corporate governance, see the Company's material internal regulations.

Annual implementation status:

Nov. 4, 2020 Implemented training against corruption and insider trading for new employees.


Succession scheme for board of directors members

The election of the Company's directors uses a nomination system. Directors are elected through voting by the shareholder meeting, after which the directors form the board.

The board of directors is the Company's highest governing body. Board of directors members shall possess professional background and specialized skills. They must also be adept at the business services the Company engages in; possess management planning skills; operational judgment capacity; accounting & financial analysis capacity; disaster handling skills; leadership abilities; decision-making abilities; etc.

Succession scheme for major management

The Company's major management must possess qualities such as innovation, a high degree of implementation ability, ethics, and outstanding work skills, and must proactively perform their duties. The Company uses training through rotating job duties, thus cultivating management skills and enhancing management capacity through practice. By doing this, the Company gathers an outstanding management team, creates benefits for shareholders and employees alike, and allows for sustainable management.


The Company complies with and supports all international accords intended to protect human rights, and obeys labor regulations.

Shan-Loong Transportation Human Rights Policy

1. Eliminate workplace sexual harassment.

2. Protect employees' rights and dignity.

3. Provide a safe, healthy work environment.


Shan-Loong Transportation's whistleblower system for reporting illegal/unethical behavior

1. If the Company's stakeholders discover that Company personnel have violated the Code of Ethical Conduct or the Operational Integrity Regulations, they are asked to report such to the Company.

2. For employees and related personnel who have been reported as having legal violations or are involved in an investigation, the Company will extend them protection in order to avoid them being subject to unfair retaliation and treatment.

3. The reporting method shall in principle be in writing, and shall specify the following information: The complainant's full name, workplace, and title; the reported person's full name, workplace, and title; and the date on which the event occurred, and what occurred. If the complaint is made via phone, a written explanation must be added after the fact.

4. Whistleblower channels:

a. Whistleblower hotline: 0800-051-566

b. Whistleblower email:

c. Postal delivery: c/o Auditing division, 1F, No. 1-2, Section 1, Minsheng Rd., Banqiao District, New Taipei City

5. When an employee violation of the Code of Ethical Conduct or the Operational Integrity Regulations exists, the situation will be handed over to a personnel review committee for handling; depending on severity, the Company reserves the right to pursue legal action.

6. Whistleblower rewards: When a whistleblowing report is found through investigation to be true, as determined by the personnel review committee, the handling unit shall request that the board of directors give the whistleblower a reward.

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