Shan-Loong integrates everyday operations management and uses channels such as the Company website, annual reports, industry association meetings, quarterly reports, and other meetings in our interactions and communications with primary stockholders. We adopt a proactive communication style as we provide appropriate responses to issues of concern to stockholders.
Topics of concern
Communication with stockholders


Topics of concern
  • Salary & benefits
  • Education/training and career development
  • Workplace safety & health
  • Gender equality
Communication with stockholders
  • Employee selection & employment is not subject to discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, social class, nationality, religion, physical ability, gender, gender orientation, union membership, political affiliation, age, or other factors.
  • It is forbidden to employ forced and child laborers.
  • With the precondition that all Company employment must comply with labor laws, the overall remuneration policies and structures are set out to attract, encourage, reward, and keep outstanding talent.
  • We provide accessible communication channels to help employees easily provide constructive suggestions at any time (PAP).
  • In order to protect employees' working rights and interests and to provide a workplace free of sexual harassment, the Company adopts appropriate preventive, corrective, and penalty measures.
  • The Company implements the worker safety & health policy to assure employee safety. The Company also holds employee trips and other activities.


Topics of concern
  • The Company's operating record
  • Information transparency
  • Retained earnings & stock dividends
Communication with stakeholders
  • The Company has always cared deeply about investor relations. The Company has robust spokesperson and investor relations management contact points; in addition, investors can use the phone and email to contact us quickly, and thus ensure their rights and interests.
Contact person|Chuang Mei-ling
Position|Lead Accountant
Phone|(02) 2959-9611
  • Shareholder meetings are held to help shareholders exercise their rights and interests.
  • The Company regularly discloses information on the Market Observation Post System (MOPS) and on the Company website.
  • Risk management policies and mechanisms are formulated.
  • A compensation committee is established and meets regularly.


Topics of concern
  • Service and product quality
  • Personal data protection
  • Marketing promotions
  • Transaction security; Reasonable prices
Communication with stakeholders
  • Through our "Customer First" policy, we provide customers with specialized services that are tailor-made, designed, developed, and mass produced specifically for them.
  • The Company has passed a variety of management certifications, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001, to assure meeting the highest standards and satisfying customer requirements.
  • All our services havecustomer complaint lines
  • Anemail contact formis also available

採購廠商 協力廠商

Topics of concern
  • 信用狀況
  • 提供合理的交易價格
Communication with stakeholders
  • 本公司有嚴格的供應商評選制度,一旦建立合作關係,則尋求與供應商間維持長遠與穩定的合作,使產銷流程更加順暢。
  • 訂定「採購審核要點」,對外採購需經招標作業及議價會議,確保採購過程公開、公平。
  • 致力於公平採購與綠色採購,優先選購低耗能、綠能環保之辦公用品、事務機器、照明設備等相關器材。


Competent authority
Topics of concern
  • Legal compliance
  • Paying our taxes
  • Labor rights and interests
Communication with stakeholders
  • We comply with the financial competent authority's requirements; we regularly track and check the Company's systems and implementation.
  • We have established a robust legal compliance system, and regularly check it, to guarantee compliance with legal directives.
  • We regularly disclose Company information on the Market Observation Post System and on the Company's website.
  • We have established contact points to maintain good interaction with the competent authority.


Fellow industry members
Topics of concern
  • Industry interaction
Communication with stakeholders
  • We proactively participate in trade association activities for the various business services we provide, to create a fair, harmonious, competitive environment.


Topics of concern
  • Traffic safety
  • Social welfare
  • Environmental issues
Communication with stakeholders
  • We join in blood donation and social welfare events, and have won many awards for our efforts.
  • We proactively integrate with social development trends, and give back to our local society.

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