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Like a huge wheel that drove the economic development in Taiwan, Shan-Loong Transportation has become the largest inland transportation company after development for more than 30 years. Facing the circumstances where the economy in the Asia-Pacific Region has been growing dramatically and the circulation of cross-strait Mainland-Hong Kong-Taiwan has become more frequent, we stretch our business out to Mainland China and Vietnam to establish the Shanghai Shan-Tong Logistic Co., Ltd. for managing the cross-strait transportation business as well as the Vietnam Shan-Loong Transportation Co., Ltd. in the hope to build a transportation net in the Asia-Pacific Region and become one of the benchmark enterprises in the industry.

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One-stop Service

We will make use of our professional core advantages for innovation and adaptation to improve our technique and service quality and develop our business in the fields of refueling, transportation, shipping, and sea and air transportation services on an ongoing basis.

Social Welfare & Contribution

To uphold the belief of “taking from the society and contributing to society,” we participate in the practical actions with respect to the issues of children, education, emergency resistance and donation for disaster victims, family supporting organizations, and other public welfare activities.