Privacy policy

Website usage policy

Before viewing this website, read the following conditions in detail. You must agree to all the conditions below before using this website. In order to respect and protect your personal privacy rights, the Company has established this Privacy Policy and advises you of the following:

1. Scope of Privacy Policy notification:

This Privacy Policy notice applies to your time using this Company's website, as well as personal data collection, usage, and protection involved in such, but does not apply to this website's functional links to other websites.

2. Personal data collection and usage methods

(1) This website will not collect any identifying information related to your pure use of this website or downloaded files.

(2) If you use the public suggestion address or other service lines provided on the Company's website, you may be asked to provide relevant personal data and other information. All personal and other data collected by this website will be used for the specific purposes of the provided services, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and other legal regulations, and will not be arbitrarily disclosed to any third party.

(3) The website will record information such as users' IP addresses used in accessing the website, time of access, and pages visited on the site. This information may be used to improve the website's functionality, in order to enhance website service quality. Solely for purposes of server security maintenance, we may monitor destructive behavior and abnormal attempts to gain access to the server, as well as behavior that causes excessive website load. We will handle such behavior in accordance with our security policy/regulations, and will record and obstruct such behavior, as well as reporting it to the relevant authorities.

3. Data sharing and disclosure methods

The Company's website will not arbitrarily sell, exchange, or rent any of your data to other groups, individuals, or private businesses. However, this does not include where such disclosure is required for compliance with investigations by judicial or similarly-empowered agencies in accordance with their duties or for legal investigations by same.

Shan-Loong Membership Data Policy and Privacy Statement

We welcome you to become a Sanlong member. As per the services provided in accordance with this Membership Service Usage Agreement (below, the Agreement), the express purpose of this Agreement is in protecting members' rights and interests to the greatest extent possible, while also confirming the contractual relationship between the Company and the member.

All users who apply for membership services (below, Members) must read in detail the usage conditions specified below. A user completing the registration process, or beginning to use the member services provided by Sanlong, shall be taken as understanding this Agreement, and giving complete consent to all specifications of this Agreement and all current services and future derivations of such services. If you are less than 18 years of age, your legally-appointed representative must read, understand, and consent to all content of this Agreement and its future amendments before you can use or continue to use such services. When you use or continue to use the services, this signifies that your legally-appointed representative has read, understood, and consented to all content of this Agreement and its future amendments.

Notice Regarding Collection, Handling, and Use of Personal Data

This website is operated and managed by Shan-Loong. In order to secure members' personal data, privacy, and consumer rights, you are notified of the following matters in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, Article 8:

1. The name of the government or non-government agency:

Shan-Loong Transportation.

2. The purpose of the collection:

The Company's purposes in collecting data is for marketing/sales; consumer/customer management and service; internet purchasing; other electronic commercial services and surveys; and statistical and research analysis. The Company collects personal data via the membership process and transaction processes.

3. The categories of the personal data to be collected:

Personal data collected by the Company on this website includes:

(1) C001 Personal identification, e.g., member name, address, phone number, email address, and other information.

(2) C001 Personal descriptions, e.g., gender and birth date.

4. The time period, territory, recipients, and methods of which the personal data is used:

(1) Time period: While the Company is in operation.

(2) Territory: Members' personal data will be used in Taiwan.

(3) Recipients and methods: Members' personal data will be used in the Company's member management, review of customer management functions, etc. In addition, the data will be used in the following ways:

Personal identification: The identifying information you provide (e.g., email address(es), phone number(s), etc.) will be used to identify your and to provide you with basic member services.

Marketing: The Company will use members' postal/email addresses and phone numbers to do marketing for products on this website.

5. The data subject's rights: Members may exercise the following rights with the Company in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act:

1. The right to make an inquiry of and to review his/her personal data.

2. The right to request a copy of his/her personal data.

3. The right to supplement or correct his/her personal data.

4. The right to demand the cessation of the collection, processing or use of his/her personal data.

5. The right to erase his/her personal data.A member wishing to exercise any of the preceding rights may inquire with Company customer service to apply to do so.

6. If a member wishes to refuse providing any of the aforementioned necessary data, this may result in an inability to enjoy complete services or a complete inability to use these services.

The Company retains the right to amend or modify this Agreement, and to send the modified content to single members via email.

Member-exclusive rights and benefits

1. Free registration as a member.

2. Occasional member product testing and promotional activities.

3. Occasionally receiving activity information, SMS messages, or emailed newsletters related to the Services, to provide you with better value-added service.

Member accounts, passwords, and security

Your member account name with this Service is your email address. It must be filled out truthfully. Your personal ID number and password cannot be used to register multiple times. If you provide any incorrect or false data, the Company has the right to freeze or terminate your account, and to refuse you service.

Members must properly retain their passwords. Do not disclose or provide your password for use or knowledge by any other person. Use a single account name and password for all your activities with the Service. Except where it is proven that liability is as a result of the Service's error, all activities on a given account will be considered to have been done by that member, and that member shall bear legal liability for such.

At registration, members must provide truthful, accurate personal information. If your registration is discovered to have been done falsely, the Company may freeze or terminate your account privileges. If such false behavior violates Republic of China laws, it will be prosecuted according to the law.

If a member discovers or suspects that a third party is using their member ID account number or password, they must immediately notify the Company to employ all necessary prevention measures. However, prior to giving such notification, the member remains legally liable and does not lose legal liability as a result of providing such notification.

Privacy protection

Your member registration and other specific data is protected and regulated in accordance with the Company's Privacy Statement.

In the following circumstances, the Company may provide your data to judicial/police agencies or third parties advocating that their rights have been infringed and which provide a judicial agency with formal proof:

1. In accordance with legal regulations, and when demanded by a judicial agency or other similarly-empowered agency in accordance with legal procedures.

2. When the member's use of the Services violates this Agreement.

However, the member agrees that the Company may provide the member's data to a partner (third party) for the purpose of recommending products, and providing & rewards, for proper purposes falling within the scope of the Agreement. If you do not agree to your data being included within a partner (third party's) product/service lists, you can notify the Company to delete this information from the name list and simultaneously lose any right to benefits and rewards. If you have not expressly stated that you disagree with the above uses, this will be taken as consent for the Company to implement the above uses.

Intellectual property

All software, programs, and website content used for the Services (including, but not limited to, written works, images, files, information, data, web architecture, webpage layout, and website design) are the intellectual property of the Company or others with rights to such property. This includes but is not limited to trademarks, patent rights, copyright, business secrets, and proprietary technologies. No one may use, modify, replicate, publicly transmit, alter, distribute, publish, publicly display, attempt to reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble such content without express permission. If you wish to cite or transfer the aforementioned software, programs, or website content, then in accordance with the law, you must first obtain advance written permission from the service or its legal representative. It is your duty to respect intellectual property rights. If you violate such rights, you will be liable to recompense the Company for damages (including, but not limited to, legal fees and lawyer fees).

Effectiveness of data records

While a member is using the Services, the Service's database records shall be considered primary among all data records during the usage process. If there is any dispute, the electronic data recorded in the Service's database shall be the set standard. However, if the member is able to provide other data and prove its veracity, these provisions shall not apply.

Service interruptions

The Company will, via methods and technologies generally considered reasonable at present, maintain the Service's normal functioning. However, in the following circumstances, the Company will pause or interrupt the whole or part of the Service:

When the software/hardware related to the Service is moved, changed, upgraded, being maintained, or being repaired;

When the member violates government law or the Service conditions;

When factors due to disaster or other force majeure cause Service interruption or stoppage;

Other causes not attributable to the Company that cause Service interruption or stoppage;

When reasons not under the Company's control cause the Service's data display incorrectly, or result in forgery, alteration, deletion, or acquisition, or results in system interruption or inability to function normally.

Termination of membership

The Company retains the right to modify the Services and to terminate the membership of anyone who violates legal regulations or the bilateral agreement.

If you choose to terminate your Company membership privileges, you may directly email the Company to notify us or use the Company-provided mechanism to have your membership revoked. The Company will then delete your membership information as quickly as possible.

Members have a duty to notify the Company to cancel Company membership privileges; and from the day of Company membership is canceled (such day defined as the day the Company email is sent), such a person loses all benefits and rights provided by the Service.

Period of effect, applicable laws, and court of first instance for these Conditions

If any portion or a whole of these Conditions becomes ineffective, it shall not impact the effectiveness of this agreement's other clauses.

The rights, duties, and relationship between the member and the Company shall be handled on the basis of the Republic of China's legal regulations, interpretations of the competent authority, etc. If there is any dispute, the Taiwan New Taipei District Court shall be the court of first instance. If there is any matter not covered by the Company's statement and conditions, such a matter shall be mutually resolved based on the principle of honesty, trust, equality, and mutual benefit.

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