About the Company

Shan-Loong began in 1976 with transport & delivery for Cheng Loong's paper business. In 1997, we received a TWSE listing (stock code 2616). Our fleet of container, bulk, logistical, and other trucks demand a lot of fuel, and as a result, in 1998, we entered the gas station business in Xiaogang, Kaohsiung. Today, this has expanded to a network of 76 gas station locations, making us Taiwan's largest group to span transport, logistics, and fuel products. Shan-Loong has subsidiaries and offices in Taiwan, Mainland China, and Vietnam, to meet global customers' up-to-the-minute business needs and provide them with expert customer service. We have also been honored by both CommonWealth Magazine and 1111 Job Bank as a superior place to work.

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