Board of directors

The Company has nine board members (including three independent directors). They serve for three-year terms. Election of board members uses a candidate nomination method; the board chooses members from among the list of candidates The board meets at least once a quarter. All board members possess relevant professional knowledge and experience, and each maintains a spirit of detached neutrality as they carry out their duties in accordance with legal regulations.
Full name
Primary education (experience)

Director Jen-Hao Cheng

Jen-Hao Cheng

Chairman, Shan-Loong Transportation

Waseda University Graduate School, Japan

Director Lan-Hui Yu

Lan-Hui Yu

Vice Chairman, Shan-Loong Transportation

Yung-Ta Institute

Director Yen-Ming Chen

Yen-Ming Chen

President, Chien Shing Harbour Service

Columbia University MBA

Director Ken-Pei Cheng

Ken-Pei Cheng

Vice President, Shan-Loong Transportation

Northrop University

Director 鄭舒云

Su-Yun Cheng

Chairman, Cheng Loong Corporation

Waseda University Graduate School, Japan

Director Chuan-Chuan Lu

Chuan-Chuan Lu

Director, Shine Far Construction

Shih Chien School of Home Economics

Independent Director Hsu-Feng Ho

Independent Director
Hsu-Feng Ho

Vice President, Cheng Loong Corporation

Chung Yuan Christian College of Science and Engineering

Independent Director Yao-Ming Huang

Independent Director
Yao-Ming Huang

Retired Certified Public Accountant, KPMG

National Taiwan University, Business Department, Accounting Division

Independent Director Mao-Chun Wang

Independent Director
Mao-Chun Wang

Vice President, Shan-Loong Transportation

Zhongli Commercial School

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