For the interaction and communication with the main stakeholders, Shan-Loong applies various channels of the daily operation and management, such as the website, annual reports, industrial association, quarterly publications, and related meetings, to give appropriate responses to the issues concerned by the stakeholders in a pro-active manner.
Stakeholder Concerned issue Communication with stakeholders
  • Wage and benefit
  • Educational training and career developmen
  • Occupational safety and health
  • Gender equality
  • With regard to the selection and employment, an employee shall not be discriminated by his/her race, social status, nationality, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, labor union membership, political affiliation or age.
  • Prohibit employment of forced employees and child labors.
  • Formulate the overall wage policy and framework to attract, prompt, reward and retain excellent personnel with the premise of conforming to the related labor regulations.
  • Provide smooth communication channels to enable the employees to address any constructive comments (PAP) to the company at any time.
  • Provide a working environment without any occurrence of sexual harassment and take appropriate preventive, corrective, punitive measures in order to maintain the rights of the employees.
  • Implement the labor health and safety policy to ensure the safety of the employees.
  • Organize the company trips and other activities.
  • Corporate business performance
  • Information transparency
  • Profit and dividend distribution
  • Profit and dividend distribution
  • The Company always values the relationship with the investors. In order to protect the rights of the investors, in addition to the complete spokesman system and the contact person for dealing with the investor relation, the investors also may communicate with us via phone and e-mail immediately.
           Contact person: Chao-Chun Cheng
           Title: Manager of Finance and Accounting Division
           Tel: (02)2959-9611
           E-mail: jerry-chun@yahoo.com.tw
  •  Hold a Board of Directors’ meeting to allow the directors to exercise their rights and interests.
  • Disclose the information related to the company on the Market Observation Post System and the company official website regularly.
  • Draw up the risk management policy and mechanism.
  • From the compensation committee and hold related meetings ona regular basis.
  • Quality of service and product
  • Personal information protection
  • Marketing activity
  • Safe transaction and reasonable price
  • Provide the professional service of customization, design and development, and mass production according to the customer-oriented policy.
  • The Company has passed the management system certifications of the ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 to ensure the highest standard and satisfy the requirement of customers.
  • A customer complaint hotline is set up for each business.
Procurement supplier/ cooperated supplier
  • Credit statu
  • Offer a reasonable transaction price
  • The Company’s selection system of supplier is strict, and therefore, we seek for the long-term and stable cooperation with suppliers once a partnership is established, so as to enable a smoother production and marketing process. Formulate the “Procurement Auditing Guidelines” to ensure a open and fair purchasing process, for the external procurement need to be achieved through tenders and price negotiation meetings
  • Achieve the fair procurement and green procurement by primarily choosing the low-energy-consumption and environmental-friendly office supplies and multi-function printer and lighting equipment.
Competent Authority
  • Legal compliance
  • Tax payment
  • Labor's rights and interests
  • Follow and audit the related systems and operation of the company regularly in accordance with the requirements of the financial competent authorities.
  • Establish the complete legal compliance system and perform audits on a regular basis to observe the related regulations.
  • Disclose the information related to the company on the Market Observation Post System and the company official website regularly.
  • Assign the contact person in order to maintain sound interaction with the competent authorities.
The Trade
  • Association communication
  • Actively participate in the activities of the trade association related to each business to create a fair and harmonious competitive environment.
  • Traffic safety
  • Social welfare
  • Environmental issue
  • Job opportunity
  • Jointly participate in the community blood donation and charity events and win awards.
  • Actively link up the business with the social development context and make a contribution to the local community.