Social engagement, harmony and co-prosperity

Shan-Loong takes “loyalty, sincerity, trustworthiness, steadiness” as the operating philosophy to promote energy saving and carbon reduction and the environmental protection programs. For “public welfare,” we enter the Charity Foundation founded by Cheng Huotien (the founder of our parent group, Cheng Loong) to assist the communities in the development and help the schools to build the green paper libraries for knowledge promotion. With regard to the contribution to the society and environment, the Company not only values the controls of waste, sewage, exhaust, drinking water, energy and resource by “promoting the energy education,” but also effectively manages and mitigates the environmental impact, in the hope of implementing the environmental protection, such as waste reduction, consumption reduction, and pollution prevention, to establish a harmonious society.

Maintenance of occupational safety and health

The Company formulates the corporate social responsibility policy which indicates that it will be responsible for shareholders, attentive to employees, devoted to environmental protection, and careful of communities. We aim at constantly promoting OHSAS 18001 to improve the professional skill trainings, the accident review, report, and investigation of the contractors and audit the implementation of the suggested matters regularly, providing a safe and health working environment for the employees, and performing regular inspections and the trainings related to the occupational safety and health system to prevent occupational disasters.