Shan-Loong and SDGS

The Company focuses on the transportation and further develops the oil and gas business. We spare no effort to promote the company governance, environmental sustainability and the co-prosperity with society, and thereby the first CSR report was voluntarily published in 2012 to enable the Company to align with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) formulated by the UN, for example:

Happy workplace

The Company provides the comprehensive working environment, the holiday bonus of each employee and annual health check-ups, grants welfare expenses according to “the Implementation Measure of Employee Welfare and Preference,” and establishes the employee welfare committee to organize the overseas and domestic tours for employees. The group insurance, employee bonus, stock ownership trust are also provided to ensure the work and life safety of the employees. In addition, we offer several benefits, such as the education scholarship for employees’ children, and the medical, marriage, funeral, and pension allowances.

Safe working environment

To prevent and handle the sexual harassment in the working environment, the Company formulates the sexual harassment prevention measure to maintain the sex equality, human dignity, and employee-friendly working environment. We promote the common discrimination behaviors in the workplace to our employees in order to improve their awareness of human rights.

Sexual Harassment Prevention and Treatment Line
1.Appeal Phone : 02-29599611 tansfer Audit office ext.190
2.Fax direct line : 02-29599411 
3.Mailing address : No.1-2, Section1, Minsheng Road 220, Banqiao District, New Taipei Ciry


Employee health and safety management

To prevent different occupational disasters from happening in the offices, vehicle maintenance factories, inspection sites, warehouses and gas stations of the operating divisions under the Company and maintain the health and safety of employees, the Company effectively implements various fundamental safety measures with the enforceability of the health and safety management regulation to avoid accidents and disasters and ensure the safety and rights of the related places and personnel.

Promotion of employee health

Shan-Loong regards the employees as an important asset, and therefore, we organize the employee health examination annually (including regular and special health examination) in order to maintain the health of employees. To prevent the employees from being exposed to the different hazardous factors at the workplace, we perform the sobriety test, blood pressure measurement with the standard that is stricter than the regulation before dispatching vehicles, monitor the operating environment, and hold preventive educational trainings to provide the reference of the improvement related to the employees and environment, and thereby achieve the goal of preventing hazards.

                                           17 Goals of SDGs (Source of picture: The website of the UN)