PDPA & Privacy Policy

Website Use Instructions

Before your browse our website (hereinafter referred to as the Website), please read the following terms and conditions carefully. You need to agree on these terms and conditions to use the Website. To respect and protect your privacy, we established the Privacy Policy Declaration and made it public as follows:

1The scope of the Privacy Policy Declaration
The Privacy Policy Declaration is applicable to the collection, use and protection of your personal data involving your use of our website services excluding the websites linked from any functions of the Website.
2Collection and use of personal data

(1)We do not collect any personal identity information of the user who only browses or downloads files from the Website.

(2)We may ask you to provide your personal data or other information when you use the feedback mailbox provided on the Website or file any application for services online via the Website. We will follow the Personal Data Protection Act and other related regulations to use your personal data and other information collected on the Website only for the specified purposes of service provision, and will not disclose such data or information to any third party without your consent.

(3)The information on the IP address of the user logging in the Website as well as the time of access and the webpages browsed will be recorded. This information may be used to enhance the performance of the Website and improve its service quality. However, to ensure the security of the servers, we may need to monitor destructive behaviors, abnormal behaviors attempting to invade in the server of the Website, and the behaviors trying to bring excessive load to the Website from any IPs. In these cases, we will take actions pursuant to our security policy, file a report, block these behaviors, and inform related agencies.

3Information sharing and disclosing methods
We will not sell, exchange, or lease any of your personal data to any other organizations, individuals or companies via the Website without your consent. However, this is not applicable in the circumstances of cooperation with law enforcement or related competent agencies for investigation or legal utilization under their authorities.

PDPA & Privacy Policy for Shan-Loong Members

You are welcome to be a Shan-Loong member. We will provide services pursuant to the Member Service Regulations (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”). The purpose of the Regulations is to protect the rights and interests of the members and confirm the contractual relationship between us and our members.

All the users (hereinafter referred to as the Member) who apply for use of our membership services shall read the following terms of use carefully. When finishing the registration or starting use of the membership services provided by us, the user is deemed being aware of and fully agreeing on all the agreements specified in the terms of use and completely accepting the existing services and the service items that may be derived in the future. If you are less than 18, your legal representative shall read the terms of use for you. He/she shall understand and agree on all the terms and conditions specified in this agreement and their subsequent amendments to allow you to use or continue the use of the Website. When you use or continue the use of the Website, your legal representative has read, understood, and agreed to accept all the terms and conditions specified in this agreement and their subsequent amendments.

Collection and processing of personal data and notification of utilization

The Website is managed by Shan-Loong. To protect the information and privacy of the Member and the rights of the consumers, we inform you of the following matters pursuant to Article 8 of the Personal Data Protection Act:

1Name of organization: Shan-Loong Transportation Website
2Purpose of the collection:
Our purpose of the collection is to perform marketing and sales business, management of consumers and customers, provision of services, online shopping, and other e-commercial services as well as investigations, statistical analyses, and researches. We will collect the personal data in the process of membership registration or transaction.
3Category of personal data to be collected:

We will collect the following personal data via the Website

(1)C001 Identification of individuals: The name, address, phone number, email address, and other similar data.

(2)C011 Individual description: The sex, and date of birth.

4Time period, territory, recipient, and method of which the personal data is used:

(1)Time period: Our business operation period.

(2)Territory: The personal data of the Member will be used in the Taiwan area

(3)Recipient and method: In addition to the retrieval and inquiry for management of the Member and customers, the personal data of the Member will be used for following purposes:

  • Identification: The personal data you provided (e.g. email address, phone number, etc.)
  • It will be used to confirm your identity and provide basic membership services for you.
  • Marketing: We will use the address, email address, phone number of the Member to perform the promotion and marketing for the commodities on the Website.
5Rights of the Member related to the personal data: The Member may exercise the following rights against us pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act:

(1) Make and inquiry or ask for review of his/her personal data.

(2) Ask for a copy of his/her personal data.

(3) Ask for supplementation or correction of his/her personal data.

(4) As for cessation of the collection, processing or use of his/her personal data.

(5) Ask for deletion of his/her personal data. Where exercise of the aforesaid rights is needed, the Member may call and file an application to our customer service center.

6The Member may not enjoy full services or cannot use specific services at all if refusing to provide the aforesaid required information.

We have the right to amend or change these terms of use and inform the Member individually of the amendments or changes by email

Membership Services

The services we provided include all the services on the websites we manage and all the website and physical services that may be derived in the future and belong to use, including the websites using the money flow, logistics flow, and information flow platforms provided by us (hereinafter referred to as the Service). The Service includes but not limited to sale of commodities, browse of content, and provision of marketing information by email or using other methods. We may add, change, or terminated the Service as required by actual circumstances.

Rights Exclusive to the Member

1Free registration for membership.
2Organization of free trial and commodity promotion events on an irregular basis.
3Provision of information on the Service by mail, SMS, or newsletter on an irregular basis to provide value-added services.

Member’s Account, Password, and Safety

The account for the Service is the email address. The personal ID number and password must be filled in accurately and repeated login is not allowed. If you provide any incorrect or false information, we have the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse your use of the Service.
The Member shall protect his/her password properly and shall not disclose or provide it to any third party. All the actions involving use of the Service with the same membership account and password shall be deemed taken by the member holding these account and password, and the member concerned shall take full responsibilities according to laws, except as otherwise proved to be attributable to our negligence in respect of the Service.
When executing the registration for membership, the Member shall provide correct personal data. Where any false registration is identified, we may suspend or terminate the membership and the member concerned shall be subject to legal liability if acting in violation of related laws of the Republic of China.
The Member shall notify us to take required preventive measures right after knowing or suspecting any third party is using his/her membership account or password. However, the legal liability that the Member shall take before the notification shall be remitted by such notification

Protection of Privacy

Your membership registration and other specific data are protected and regulated pursuant to our “Privacy Statement.

We may in the following circumstances provide your personal data to judiciaries or other law enforcement agencies or any third party who alleges an infringement on his/her rights and presents an official certificate issued by a law enforcement agency

1As required by laws or upon request of any law enforcement or other competent agencies pursuant to legal procedures.
2Any violation of these terms of use committed by the Member with respect to use of the Service.

However, the Member agrees that we may provide required personal information for our partners (third parties) to use properly within the agreed scope relating to recommendation of products, provision of services and awarding of prizes. Any member who does not agree to incorporate his/her personal data into the product or service list of our partners (third parties) may notify us to remove his/her personal data from the list and, in the meantime, the member waives his/her right to a discount or the prize; any member who does not explicitly express his/her intention of the aforesaid disagreement will be deemed agreeing without objection that we may take the aforesaid actions.

Intellectual Property Rights

We or other right owners, as per relevant laws, have the intellectual property rights to the software or program and the entire content on the Website used in the Service, including but not limited to works, pictures, files, information, data, website structures, layouts of the images on the Website, and webpage designs; the ownership includes but not limited to the rights of trademark, patent rights, copyrights, trade secrets and know-hows. No person is allowed to perform use, alteration, reproduction, public broadcast, adaptation, distribution, publication, reverse engineering, recompilation, or disassembly without permission. If you need to cite or copy the aforesaid software, program or content on the website, prior written consent shall be acquired from us or other right owners in accordance with relevant laws. Respect for intellectual property rights is your obligation and you shall take the responsibility to us for damage compensation (including but not limited to the cost of litigation and retaining fee) if any violation occurs.

Records and Effectiveness

The records in the database of the Service shall apply with regard to the information of the Member recorded in the using process of the Service. Where any dispute occurs, the electronic information recorded in the database of the Service shall be used as the basis for judgment and determination. However, this is not applicable in the circumstances where the Member can present other data and prove their truthfulness and factuality.

Suspension of Services

We currently maintain the Service and ensure its normal operation using the commonly acceptable reasonable methods and techniques. However, we will suspend or interrupt all or any part of the Service in the following circumstances:
The software or hardware equipment used for the Service is moved, replaced, upgraded, maintained or repaired;
The user acts in violation of any laws or regulations of the government or these terms of use;
Any suspension or interruption occurs due to natural disaster or other uncontrollable factors.
Any suspension or interruption occurs due to the factors not attributable to use;
The information of the Service does not display correctly, or the Service is counterfeited or illegally altered, deleted or retrieved, or the system is interrupted or cannot work normally due to the factors uncontrollable by us.

Termination of Membership

We have the right to change any service content or terminate any membership account or service in case violation of laws or any agreements between both parties occurs.
Any member who decides to terminate his/her membership with us, may notify us directly by email or delete his/her membership via the mechanism provided by use. We will remove your membership data as soon as possible.
The Member is obligated to notify us about cancellation of the membership and losses all the discounts and rights provided for the Service starting from the day on which the membership with us is terminated (based on the date on which we send the email).

Validity of the Terms, Governing Law, and Jurisdiction

Where all or part of any provision in these terms of use is invalid, the validity of other agreements shall not be affected.
The rights and obligations of the Member and us shall be determined pursuant to relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of China and the constructions of the competent authority. Where any dispute occurs, the Taiwan Taipei District Court shall be the court of competent jurisdiction for the first instance. Any matters that are not covered in any statements or terms of the Shan-Loong Transportation shall be dealt with by mutual negotiation under the principles of good faith, equality, and reciprocity.