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    Environmental inspection room-Justice, Service, Quality, Technology, Innovation (Service DM please click)

    Shanlong's Integrity Division was founded in November 108, and has currently reviewed the NIEA.M203 testing certification of the Environmental Inspection Agency,
    (Environmental Protection Department Environmental Inspection No. 195)Integrate with the self-owned oil product business department,
    in addition to the implementation of the declared test every quarter, the monthly independent test uses the same VOCs specification equipment as the declared test
    Reduce the leakage risk of many oil and gas pipelines, and also make up for the amount of oil and gas that cannot be measured by the LEL explosion detector.
    Operating items include【Testing of various gas station facilities, leak detection pipes, gas-oil ratio, weights and measures, liquid tightness and gas leakage test of oil tank】,
    Continue to increase testing items to promote high-quality services, and do every job with innovative thinking and professional technology.


    (Explosion detector)
    (Light/flame ion detector)
    Detection limit 2%LEL
    Oil and gas standards for leak test tubes less than25%LEL less than500ppm
    Difference (measurement unit) difference between 500ppm difference between1ppm
    Measure oil and gas Gasoline, methane Diesel, gasoline, aromatic hydrocarbons, methane, sulfur and other toxic gases

    Comparison of LEL and PID/FID

    Because the detection limit of the LEL detector is 2% LEL, when the LEL reacts, the value is usually much greater than 1000ppmV,and LELThe calibration gas is methane, so LEL has almost no reaction to the volatile gas of diesel,and easily affected by underground biogas (main component methane, non-oil station pollutants),However, the most difficult thing to deal with after the leakage of underground storage tanks in oil stations is diesel pollution. PID、FIDCan detect most toxic gases from 1ppm to 10000ppm,When the leak test tube has a small value, it can be detected early and improved early. Shanlong upholds the environmental inspection certification technology to help your organization serve, and uses highly sensitive instruments to detect the oil and gas distribution in the underground soil of the oil station,Assist in judging the possible reasons for the excessively high monitoring value, and use its own oil product division to cooperate with the manufacturer to help improve and solve the problem of excessively high monitoring value,"The places you can't see, we help you monitor; your troubles, we help you resolve them.''

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