Human Resource




Employees are the most important asset for an enterprise, and therefore, talent cultivation is contributive to the future of the enterprise. With regard to talent cultivation, the Company not only focuses on the current business expansion, but also provides complete on-job training to strengthen the professional knowledge and skills of the employees. We introduce the TTQS (Talent Quality-management System) to control and improve the quality of the training and, thus, win the TTQS “Silver Medal” Award. Through implementation of the Company’s educational training policy - Full Participation, Talent Cultivation, Sustainable Inheritance, our excellent employees are able to meet the requirement of customers and offer quick, satisfying, and quality service.

“Safety” is the primary concern for all people, cars and services at the gas stations. Therefore, Shan-Loong Transportation specifically performs the pre-duty conference before starting each task to ensure every occupational safety measure. With the rapid and continuous growth of our development and business, the current demand of talents is way more than before. As a result, all divisions of the Company perform “Management by Wandering Around,” discover and solve problems, cultivate subordinates, personally participate in project promotion and practice improvement, so as to enhance the coordination of the divisions and the personal experience as well as indirectly spot talents for the company. The sincere service and all-out dedication provided by all employees gain favor with the customers, and thereby allow them to build the long-term relationship with us on a mutual trust basis; hence the company may be inherited continuously and improved stably.