About us

Seven Key Policies
Loyalty and Trustworthiness
Be loyal to people. Be trustworthy at work. Be optimistic and aggressive. Be dedicated.

Introduce key policies and build a management system of high efficiency. Through the PDCA management cycle, continue to make improvement and enhance the quality of the products to provide excellent products and services for customers and form partnership of long-term and mutual benefit.

Company Policy

► Abide by the appropriate laws and regulation, and pursue sustainability in development and operation of business.

► Lead the Company in accordance with the corporate ethics and morals, and improve the social, economic, and environmental benefits.

► Constantly strengthen the Company’s risk identification, risk reduction, and risk control at all levels.

► For the transport, retail service, and different operation, all employees are required to abide by the safety rules and be dedicated to the accomplishment of personnel safety, zero accident in terms of health and environment, and zero injury.

► Satisfy the quality requirement of clients and customers by emphasizing the “safety, economy, rapidity, responsibility” in transportation management and “purity, fullness, satisfaction, safety” in oil services

► Plan and organize various educational training courses in accordance with the code of safe conduct in order to improve the employee’s awareness of safety and ability.

► Protect child labor, forbid forced labor and labor abuse to provide a safe and healthy working environment.

► Formulate security management procedures to protect and secure the employee, asset, information, reputation and customer’s property.

► Actively engage in environmental protection and pollution prevention activities and implement the environmental management system to improve the environmental protection awareness and performance.

► Prohibit use of drugs, medicines and alcohols in violation of laws and regulations, and establish a health management system to protect the mental and physical health of employees.

► Collaborate with cargo owners, suppliers, contractors, customers and consumers to facilitate safe use and transportation of goods.

► Analyze and correct nonconformities in quality, environment, safety and health management systems and conduct continual improvement to demonstrate the performance in the industrial safety, health and environment fields.