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The Shan-Loong's Board of Directors is the highest governance unit and consists of directors specializing in business affairs, legal affairs, financial affairs and accounting. The Board of Directors’ meeting is held at least once a quarter to review the company’s operating performance and discuss important strategies and issues. To fortify the Board of Directors’ governing mechanism, the “Rules and Procedures for Board of Directors’ Meetings” formulated by the Company states that if any director or the juristic person represented by such director is an interested party with respect to any agenda item, and thereby the interests of the Company might be affected, the director may make statements and answer or ask questions and may not participate in discussion or vote on that matter or act as a representative of another director to exercise his/her voting rights to effectively avoid conflicts of interest.

Board of Directors

The Company establishes the Board of Directors with 9 directors (including 3 independent directors). Each director has a 3-year term of service. The candidates nomination system is adopted for election of the directors. The directors are elected from the list of nominated candidates at the shareholders meeting. The Board of Directors’ meeting is held at least once a quarter. All the directors have respective professional knowledge and experience, and perform their duties neutrally according to the laws and regulations.

Members of the Board of Directors:

Title Name Education and Experience
Director Jen-Hao Cheng Vice Chairperson, Shan-Loong Transportation
MBA, Waseda University, Japan
Director Lan-Hui Yu President, Shan-Loong Transportation
Yung Ta Institute of Technology
Director Yen-Ming Chen President, Chien Shing Harbour
Service Co., Ltd.
MBA, Columbia University
Director Representative, Shine-Far Construction Co., Ltd. :
Ken-Pei Cheng
Vice President, Shan-Loong Transportation
Northrop University
Director Representative, Cheng Loong Corp. :
Su-Yun Cheng
Chairperson, Cheng Loong Corp.
MBA, Waseda University, Japan
Director Representative, Shine-Far Construction Co., Ltd. :
Chuan-Chuan Lu
Chairperson, Shine-Far Construction Co., Ltd.
Shih Chien School of Home Economics
Hsu-Feng Ho Vice President, Cheng Loong Corp.
Chung Yuan Christian College of Science and Engineering
Yao-Ming Huang KPMG Taiwan Inc.
Accounting, Department of Business Administration, National Taiwan University
Mao-Chun Wang Vice President, Shan-Loong Transportation
Zhongli High School of Commerce
Main Executives
Title Name
Chairperson Jen-Hao Cheng
President/ Spokesman Lan-Hui Yu
Chief of Administration Division Tsai-Yuan Lin
Chief of Finance and Procurement Division Chia-Feng Yang
Director of Vietnam Business Office Chia-Qing Yang
Director of Mainland Business Office Liang-rong Huang
Accounting Chief Chao-Chun Cheng
Auditing Chief Kuan-Ling Kan
Chief of Information Division Tzu-Yuan Kao
Chief of Transportation Division Ken-Pei Cheng
Chief of Oil Division Yung-Lung Lin
Chief of Shipping and Clearance Division Lu-Chin Chang