About us

Vision & Mission
All employees of Shan-Loong uphold the operating philosophy of “Loyalty and Trustworthiness” and the attitude to be loyal to the Company, honesty and trustworthy, insistent on undertakings, and working staidly and pragmatically in the hope of actively and genuinely achieving the three-win goals of “employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and shareholder satisfaction.” We run the business in a sustainable manner and further root in Taiwan more deeply and firmly. We have formed more than 80 operating bases in the northern, central and southern Taiwan, and actively expand the transportation and logistic business to eastern Taiwan. In addition, we establishes Shanghai Shan-Tong Logistic Co., Ltd. in Mainland China to operate the transport business of cross-strait Mainland-Taiwan. Also, the Vietnam Shan-Loong Transportation Co., Ltd. is established in the hope to build a transportation net in the Asia-Pacific Region and become one of the benchmark enterprises in the industry.
Provide customers with diversified shipping services
Promotion of gas station brand marketing channels
Committed to one-stop service for land and sea transportation
Become a professional benchmarking enterprise in the transportation industry