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Shan-Loong Transportation was established in 1976, and started from the transportation of Cheng Loong's materials and delivery of its base paper, paper cartons, and cardboards. With the vigorous development of the domestic import and export trade, we were devoted to the transport businesses of container transportation, bulk cargo shipping, logistic and delivery. Moreover, due to the oil demand of our vehicles, we built the first gas station in Xiaogang, Kaohsiung, in 1998 and thereby entered the business of gas stations. By the end of 2019, 71 gas stations were constructed, and they helped us become the fourth largest gas station group in terms of the oil distribution volume in Taiwan. Our corporate identity logo  indicates that Shan-Loong stands firmly as a mountain on land, combining with the image of a steering wheel which symbolizes the controlled transportation safety, and internalizes the spirit of the founder and fore-adviser, Mr. Cheng Huotien, to uphold the original intention and strong morale. With these, Shan-Loong is able to develop constantly with its sustainable inheritance.



Company Name Shan-Loong Transportation Co., Ltd.
Date of Establishment 1976 / 4 / 6 
Number of Workers about 1,866 people
Head Office Address No. 1-2, Section 1, Minsheng Road 220, Banqiao District, New Taipei City